Did you know that 70% of Singaporeans attempt to find a unique gift every Mother’s Day? A Groupon survey of the Asia-Pacific market found Singaporeans to be most committed to making the moms in their life happy by getting a unique mothers day gift.

Fortunately, the high demand for mothers day presents in Singapore means gift shops go out of their way to stock a range of items that will attract clients. Therefore, you are likely to find great mother’s day gift ideas every year.

What kind of mom is she? What are her hobbies? Knowing what she enjoys will help you choose the best mother’s day presents.

A spa treatment for a stylish mom

Is the mom you seeking a mothers day gift in need of a spa treatment? Does she enjoy being pampered? Some mothers enjoy the occasional mani-pedi and massage treatment. They even schedule the treatments for themselves whenever they can. Such a mom will enjoy such a treat from you.

Other moms may not have the time or resources for the spa. Some may not even know their bodies need the time out to relax. A spa treatment may not seem necessary for some moms, but once they go for it, they will always be grateful for your mothers day gift.

A photo collage for a mom who enjoys taking photos

Is your mom, sister, or friend always taking photos with her smartphone? How often does she print the photos? If she is like most of us, most of those photos remain on her smartphone and often remain forgotten as more recent photos replace the older ones. So, this Mother’s Day, you may opt to print and create a photo collage using some of the most memorable photos.

Now, instead of going through her phone to find the photos, she only needs to look at the photo display in her home.

A cookbook for a mom who enjoys cooking

The range of recipe books in the market is quite impressive. A mom who cooks to relax will enjoy trying out new recipes. Besides being functional and possibly sentimental, a cookbook is also affordable.

Did you know that 66% of Singaporeans spend less than $100 on mothers day presents? Most recipe books will fit your budget, making it the perfect gift for a mom who finds cooking therapeutic.

Urban farming kit for a gardener mom 

Although only 1% of land in Singapore is currently being used for Agriculture, urban farming is picking up fast. If a mom you know has a green thumb and enjoys gardening, why not get her an urban farming kit? This great mothers day gift set has organic potting soil, seeds, and a growing guide.

Alternatively, if the allotment gardens are close to her home, you can lease a raised planter bed. This not only gives her more space to work with, but she also gets to interact with other gardeners. This can be a great time for her to learn more about her favourite hobby, and at the same time make friends.

When you take your time to find the perfect gift, you will discover several mother’s day gift ideas. Once you understand what the mom enjoys and what she needs, choosing a mothers day gift will be easy.