Everything You Need To Know About Toilet Bidets

Toy toilet next to a garden

The Modern Toilet Bidet

Today toilet bidets are an essential bathroom fixture all across Europe, East Asia and Latin America. When you think about washing yourself after using the toilet, toilet rolls come to one mind. But now the world is changing and people are realizing the essence of using water for cleaning purposes instead of toilet rolls, the importance of toilet bidets are increasing in Malaysia as well. 

What Is A Toilet Bidet?

Some call it a toilet basin, while others take it as a shower in the toilet. A toilet bidet is an oval shape basin that is fixed inside the toilet for washing private parts after using the toilet. In layman term, it is an alternative to toilet rolls, which people have been using for centuries. 

How Do Toilet Bidets Work?

Toilet bidets work in a simple manner in the form of a water stream or shower. The position of the shower of the toilet bidet is such it allows water to directly hit the intimate part for washing purpose. One can find several videos on youtube for learning the working of the toilet bidet.

How Is Toilet Bidets Is Beneficial For You?

  • Toilet bidets for many are like a shower. You feel fresh and refreshing after using it.
  • It is best for those people who are disabled and find it hard to wash. 
  • In the hospital, caregivers will find it easy to let patients wash with simplicity and ease.

Advantages Of Using Toilet Bidets:

  1. The biggest advantage of toilet bidets is maintaining cleanliness and personal hygiene.
  2. The product is also environmentally friendly. It doesn’t require any cutting of trees for making toilet rolls. Rather it is just about using water spray in the form of a bidet for your toilet. 
  3. It saves money because you don’t require to fit in the toilet bidet. It can be adjusted in any setting and prevent clogging.

What Do I  Look For When Buying Toilet Bidets?

There are many things one need to see when going to purchase a toilet bidet from the market. Some look for cost-effective options, whereas others prefer the type which just fits in. Also some look for auto cleaning nozzles and those which takes less space in the bathroom. You can look for an along with toilet bidet or sometimes the combination of bidet and toilet as well. 

The common features which to look for in any toilet bidet are as follows:

Select The Ones Where You Can Adjust The Temperatures: 

This type is not very common and some toilet bidets come with this fitting. You can check the model which has warm and cold water adjustment features according to the external weather.

Adjustable Water Pressure: 

This is yet another feature that allows you to maintain the flow of water coming from the spray. You can keep the flow slow and can increase the intensity as well.

Self-Cleaning Feature: 

Some sprays come with auto cleaning purposes, which means the nozzle can clean itself when not in use. This prevents clogging in the holes and water comes out easily.

Final Notes

Toilet bidet seats are now the talk of the town. You can check which toilet bidet is good for you because the overall output it gives is cleanliness and self-hygiene.