Features Of A Good Toilet 

toilet with a beautiful shelf behind

Consider These Features When You Buy A Toilet

When you buy a toilet, you expect it to serve you for years or possibly a lifetime. People rarely change toilets unless they want to upgrade to modern styles or when they are buying toilet accessories in Malaysia or redecorating bathrooms. So, before choosing the toilet, you need to confirm that the features are ideal. 

Some of the features of a good toilet include;

  1. Water efficiency
  2. Gravity vs. pressure-assisted toilets. 
  3. Leak resistance
  4. Seat height
  5. Bowl shape
  6. Non-stick coating
  7. Easy to clean trap ways
  8. One-piece vs. two-piece design.
  9. Noise level


Water Efficiency

The toilet is one of the facilities that is mostly used in most homes. The frequency of use will depend on the size of your household and the amount of time you spend at home. Either way, you are better off getting a water-efficient toilet. Not only will you have a lower water bill, but you will also conserve water. 

Singaporeans consume approximately 2 million litres of water daily. The commercial sector accounts for more than half of this consumption. 


One of the most water inefficient toilets in Singapore consumes 9 litres of water per flush. Water-efficient toilets use 3 litres for half a flush and 4.5 litres for a full flush. 

If the average person flushes the toilet 4-6 times a day, how much water would you save when you use a water-efficient toilet?

Gravity vs. Pressure-Assisted Toilets.

The water from the tank moves into the toilet in two ways, gravity and pressure. Gravity-fed toilets are the most common toilets in the market. However, pressure-fed toilets are becoming quite popular. 

Pros Cons
Gravity-feed -Flush quietly

-Great for small households

–Sometimes require more than one flush to displace solid waste. 
Pressure-feed -Doesn’t clog easily.  -They are noisy when flushed.

-They are expensive

Leak Resistance

Toilets usually have a rubber seal in the tank to prevent leaks. Unfortunately, some of the new toilet models do not have this seal. Although these toilets will work well initially, there is always the risk of leakage later. To play it safe, choose a toilet with a rubber seal. 

Seat Height

The ideal seat height is the one that is comfortable for all members of your family. Older people in your home may need a “comfort height” toilet, usually 17 – 19 inches. These toilet seats have a greater height than standard toilets, which are 10 to 14 inches. 

It is important to note that a comfortable height seat may be suitable for the old and sick, but it may be unsuitable for little children. So, unless you assist your children to sit on toilets that are too high for them, you may need to find a middle ground. 

Bowl Shape

Elongated and round bowls are the two main toilet bowls in the market. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The elongated toilet bowls are more comfortable, but they occupy more space, and their price is higher than that of round toilet bowls. 

Round toilet bowls are the most common in homes because they are affordable and can comfortably fit in small spaces. 

Non-stick Coating

Some modern toilets have a non-stick coating that will help keep waste from sticking to the toilet bowl walls. This coating also makes cleaning easier. 

Easy To Clean Trapways

The trapway is the area at the back of the toilet. This space is usually hard to reach and clean. Most traditional toilets had visible trapways that collected a lot of dirt. Fortunately, most of the modern toilets have a concealed or skirted trapway. 

Concealed trapways, as the name suggests, are sealed. The surface is smooth, so you can easily clean this area without the same struggles you would have had with visible trapways. Skirted trapways are also easy to clean because of the clean line around the toilet bowl. 

One-piece vs. Two-piece Design

When choosing a toilet, you will need to choose between toilets connected to the tank and those separate. Two-piece designs tend to be cheaper, but they are harder to clean, especially the bottom of the tank. 

Mounted tanks tend to solve this problem since the tank is embedded in the walls. However, should you ever have an issue, you have to factor in the cost of ripping off the wall. 

Noise Level

You don’t want a toilet whose flush announces the movements in and out of the toilet. Gravity-fed toilets tend to be quieter than pressure-fed toilets. Even then, some toilets are quieter than others. 

These are some of the features you need to look for when shopping for a toilet in Singapore. Since every household has unique needs, you need to determine which toilet features are most suitable for your household.