Interior Design Tips – Good Designs for Small Space

Ever been confused on how to make Interior Design for small spaces? Don’t worry, we have a solution for that. Own a small retail shop means you have to be strategic about the placement of your merchandise. We have several affordable ways on how to do Interior Design for small places based on our experiences:


1. Give Unique Design and Color to a Wall

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Painting one wall with different color is an effective way to make the space look larger and attracting customers in your shop. When you choose to paint it, use a bold color to display the effect, otherwise this method can’t work. If you don’t like to paint, placing a wallpaper can be a good substitute, be sure to choose a wallpaper with bold and catching pattern and color to attract attention.


2. Implement Window Effect in Your Design

You can use window effects to open small spaces and make your shop seems larger. You can put light colored linen panels across entire wall to create an illusion of windows, or you can also use tall and skinny mirrors and hanging drapes around it to create illusion of more light and room in a small space. If you have slightly larger room, you can also try to cut window spaces into the walls separating two small rooms to create a more airy feel.


3. Arrange Your Items Upwards



Small spaces surely can’t hold too much products, but there is a simple solution for that. Just like building apartment in narrow lands, you can arrange your products upwards. Put your merchandise on shelves to save space and make it look neater, mount drapes and other items from the ceiling to the floor to draw the eye up and create the sense of a larger space, and many more.


4. No Cluttering



One thing you must avoid in making Interior Design for your retail is making it look cluttered. Don’t just put your products haphazardly because lack of space, but take your time to gather your products and see which product goes well together with which. This way, you can also create some space which enable you to not put your merchandise too closely with each other.


5. Use Creative Methods to Save Space

Other than shelving, which a small retail places usually use, you can also use other creative methods to save space. For example, when displaying jewelry and other small items, you can use an old painting in an ornate frame and stretching the canvas in linen to create a giant cork-board to pin products on rather than using a big floor case. Other example, tea towels can be displayed on an antique wrought iron headboard propped against a wall, which eats just a little space and looks more unique.


6. Divide Your Shop

Using a tall, open bookcases can be an effective way to divide the space inside your shop as well as displaying your products. Using an open bookcase to display merchandise also add more flexibility for you to arrange products you displayed there.


7. Illuminate Space in Different Ways

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You can light your shop in many different way, we recommend using a combination of track lights, lamps, sconces and picture lights. This way, the entirety of your shop can be well lit, especially your shop’s corner. Lighting in a small retail is very important, because if any of the place in your shop didn’t get lit well, then customer can’t see the products you place there well, which means they will likely pass it and not buying it.