Interior Design: Easy Way to Create a Unique Display for Your Store

It’s already an open secret that everyone will be more attracted to something unique and interesting rather than something they already see everyday. So why not following this trend and make your store design unique?

Making a store look interesting is not hard, you only need to focus on one thing: Interior Design of your shop.

In this article, we will give you some pointers and examples that can help you to create your own unique design for your store:


Find Some Inspirations to Form Your Own Theme

Have you ever been in a shop that really turned you off because the displays were messy and made you don’t want to come back? Naturally, you want yours to have the opposite effect while still maintaining your own personal style. Instead of mixing all sorts of displays in your store, it’s better for you to choose the items that establish an overall theme. All displays need not look exactly alike, but they should be compatible each other. More importantly, this theme must have your personal “style”.

This theme can go in many directions, from whimsical to very formal, with anything in between. It’s determined mainly by the products you want to sell and the customers you are trying to attract.

Once you decided what kind of theme you want to have, it’s time to do some research for the overall Interior Design display. See several different store’s Interior Design and see what makes customers attracted to them, then note it down. You can also do some research by surfing on the web for popular store’s Interior Design if you don’t have time to conduct an actual research. One thing you have to keep in mind is that, the idea for your display must complement your theme and not clashing against it.


Be Creative with Furniture and Alternative Fixtures

After you have some idea on how your store would be like, the next part is to choose the furnitures you will use for the shop. For the furnitures, the most important thing is to compliment the design you have for the store. For example, The little flower at the end of the rainbow, Fashion Boutique at Orchard Gateway, Singapore has decided on raw industrial design concept using mainly wooden façade and wooden table. They use vintage wood table to match with their theme. This is what we can call “Unique” and “Creative”.

Interior Design | LoresLittleFlower

Other than choosing furnitures, you can also use alternate fixtures to make your store looks different from others, same kind of stores. For example, instead of hanging items on hooks, consider layering them on decorative curtain rods or towel racks. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to install and can be coordinated with the theme of other furniture in your store. Empty picture frames are a good way to display smaller items like jewellery, or you could use them to subtly display your store brand.

LoresLittleFlower 04


Modify your Store Lighting

Believe it or not, choosing what lighting you use for your store will impact your sales. What kind of lighting we need to use? There are many choices; something like a unique side lamp on a display table can create a soft and inviting warmth that entices customers to investigate the products around it, using tract lighting is great for highlighting special pieces of artwork on walls or even a fashionable, put-together mannequin, and many others. The right lighting can draw attention to the most important areas of interest in your retail display, so be creative and unique.

Interior Design | LoresLittleFlower


Include Technology in Your Store Design

The technology is always moving, thus we must constantly keep up with it. Unfortunately, there are many store that neglect this point and as a result and end up the same as any other stores. Putting up some technology in your store’s Interior Design will not only make your shop look unique and modern, it will also increase your store value in your customers’ eyes.

For example, in 2013, Kate Spade debuted as a 24/7 brick-store in New York City by putting a large interactive Window Display that previewing model photos of clothes for 24 hours everyday. This 24-Hour touchscreen display allowed consumers to window shop anytime of the day, even purchase items right on the sidewalk in the middle of the night.