Various Interior Design Ideas for Your Business Place

Have you noticed, nowadays almost all brick-and-mortar businesses have a different and unique design. The reason for this is because interesting design attracts more customers compared to mundane ones. This is the undeniable proof that Interior Design plays a very important part in today’s business. Based on researches that has been conducted by experts, interior design plays a big part in determining what type of customers will come in to your store and how much customers agreed to spend. For example, if the place looks and feels high-class, then the products or services that it offers is also high-class. The customers know it but they are still willing to spend because they know a shop that renovated nicely is worth the pay. In short, to get maximum benefit, it’s very important to create interior design that matches your products and store atmosphere.

Now, for the million-dollars-question: What kind of interior design can bring up your products’ attraction potential?

For this, we have provided some interior design examples you can use along with the explanation about their advantages. Many of the designs are from successful business so those designs are already proven effective. Below are the list of the interior design examples taken from various business.



Various Interior Design Ideas for Your Business Place | Cafe Style Interior Design

One of the popular trends today is the cafe-style Interior Design, with its signature decors; The black-framed glass partitions, exposed bulbs, and utilitarian warehouse furnishing. All of these combined make a unique design that looks traditional and cozy. To make it feels more “homely” and reduce the industrial “feel”, you can add some cushions and use more woods in your decorations. The woods are best made into pallets then stacked into each other to make a table. This can make the design look more chic and Eco-friendly. One of the business that utilizes this method is Joe & Dough Cafe and Bakery, one of the famous bakery located in Singapore. This has become one of their signature design and as of now, they have 8 branches in the whole Singapore.


Modern Contemporary Design

Modern contemporary design is like what it said, the combination of modern design and contemporary design. Some things you can do to create this type of interior design are placing a blackboard where one can randomly scribble the day’s musings to evoke a casual feel, paint the wall with yellow vanilla color and place some paintings on the wall to add a sense of playfulness the space, or even incorporating bookshelves with one’s various personal knick-knacks displayed to make customers feels at home. The result of modern contemporary interior design is rather simple and orderly, but flexible and can be rearranged easily to create new looks.


Shop and Store

Various Interior Design Ideas for Your Business Place | Interior Design for shop and store

Making interior design for shop and store is not very difficult. There are only few factors you must remember when designing a store. First, don’t cluster all your products in one place. Instead, make some kind of way that can guide your customers to the products you want them to see. Also, put a product that you know can arouse customers’ curiosity every few stalls, like for example: a brand new or limited items, products with high demands, or places you specifically design to attract customers’ attention. This is to prevent them from walking too fast and end up missing the attraction you prepared for them.

Second, it’s a fairly common knowledge among shop and store interior designers that most of the people that visit a store will turn to the right first. Therefore, it’s best to put your most interesting merchandise on the right side of your shop.

Various Interior Design Ideas for Your Business Place | Example of a landmark or symbol in a shop

Lastly, have a “Landmark” or “Symbol” in your store. There are some benefits for this; One, it can serve as a reminder for the people. A person memorize pictures more easily than words, so if you put something that stand out, it will be imprinted in their mind and next time they come, they will remember your store easier than other similar store without your symbol. Two, a unique and interesting thing will bound to attract attention of people. This way, there will be some customers that enter your shop, if only to see the symbol you placed.

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