Interior Design Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Attract Customer for New Retail Store

There is a problem that every single retail store experienced when they just opened their store: Attracting the customer to their store. When you are trying to attract customers and get more traffic, the focus is squarely on the appearance, which means your Interior Design and Exterior Design. Like any Hollywood stylist you want to make the most of what you already have to look your best.

Arouse Customer’s Curiosity

Curiosity is one of the main reason why customers flock to your place. There are many things a shop owner can do for this: Setting a unique and interesting sign in front of their shop, create a stunning window display, Make a captivating Interior Design, and many more.

You can even use price to make them curious. For example, a new western meal restaurant was on the verge of bankruptcy until they tried exploiting this method. The restaurant created a new menu: $100 cheese steak plate, and promote it on display. All of a sudden, they were on the evening news and people were flocking to try this ridiculously overpriced steak dish.

Of course, that’s just one of the many examples how curiosity can be a very effective tool for us to exploit. But be careful, you have to remember that curiosity can only work once. Without a good service and product quality, customer won’t come a second time. So don’t neglect the other factors if you want your customer to return.

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Create a Memorable Interior Design

Customer will not always enter an interesting store when they first see it, either because they have other things to do or they don’t have time. But they more often than not will remember how the store looks like. Why? Simple, because the store design is so interesting they can’t help but etched it to their memory. This way, it left deep impact for them, making them hard to forget the appearance of your store.

There are many ways to create a memorable interior design for a store. You can put an attention-grabbing sign for your store, put an easily recognized symbol inside your store interior, or even just by making a unique way to arrange your products. The reason why this is important, is because human remember pictures better than names, so with a memorable decoration, they will have easier time remembering your store.

Make Use of the Modern Technology

Right now, we are living in technological age, where almost all things are done by using technology. It’s not strange to see a shop utilize technological product to help customer with their purchase. Louis Rosas-Guyon, president of R-Squared Computing, a business technology consulting company, and author of Nearly Free IT for Micro and Small Business (Heroic Cow Publishing, 2009), judges the merits of retail technology on five criteria: convenience, speed, accessibility, advertising-free information and soft selling.

There are new products in technological industry almost everyday. That’s why, when using technology, it’s better if you choose what you want to choose carefully. Some technology only looks good on the outside but ultimately useless, some may look ordinary but is loved by customers because it helps them. Do some research first before buying the technology you want for your store.

Other than in-store technology, you can also use the increasingly popular mobile technology. Things like QR code, mobile social media, or even your own store mobile application can be your marketing tools.

From the experiment conducted by us, some examples of in-store technology that garner positive feedback from customer in retail store are Self-Service Touchscreen Panel and AR (Augmented Reality) Model.

Utilize Your Social Circles

Humans are social creatures, so they can’t live without others, especially for people who works as store owner, they need to connect to other people so they will buy the products in the store. As a business owner, you have to learn how to socialize, utilize your social circles for customers.

When you have a friend, ask them to visit your store and ask them to invite their friends with them. Ask them to spread your store to their acquintances, mouth-to-mouth promotions are always the best because people will believe a person they know more than an advertisement, no matter how good and expensive it is.

Now the problem changes to how we can spread our store’s influence outside of our friend circles? Fortunately for us, there is one very simple and great solution : Social Media.

Social Media has become all the rage these days, with almost everyone having at least one account. This is a very great tool for promoting your store, by having many friends and acquaintances there, when you post a promotion for your store, then those number of people will see it and know it. Moreover, the price for advertising to thousands or even millions of people around the world is completely free. This is infinitely better than the expensive ads on the television and newspaper.

In other words, do what you can to widen your social circles. Use every tools available like many kinds of social media and traditional media to promote your store. The more people knows your store, the more people have many chances to come to your store and buy your products.

Become a Unique Existence

If you’re told to choose between an ordinary watch and limited edition watch, which one will you pick? Most people will choose the limited edition one, even if they like the ordinary one better. Why? Because the word “Limited Edition” itself has a very strong attraction : its uniqueness.

Same with the question above, when you see a line of shop with same design then you see there is one among them that has a different design than the other shop, which one will you pick? As long as the quality is the same or better, most of the customers will almost certainly choose the one different than the others.

As a new shop, you must strive to be different than your competitors in a good way. Do thorough research, learn what works and what didn’t in your business, see what’s the difference between one competitor and the others, note them down and look for something that is only unique to your store while maintaining the store quality.

It’s very hard to be a unique existence, but once you know what to do, your hard work will paid off.