3 Interior Design Tips to Decorate Your Boutique Store

Are you an owner of a Boutique Store? If yes, then consider yourself lucky when you read this article. Why, you asked? Simple, it’s because boutiques are one of the few businesses today where you still have Brick-and-Mortar Store as an effective selling method. Unlike many other kind of businesses where they can just see and order from home, to buy clothes, people prefer to come to the store personally and try the clothes themselves.

Now, the problem is, how to attract people’s attention so they will choose our boutique over many other similar stores?

The answer is : Interior Design.

What’s more, you can arrange the interior design of your store by yourself easily, just follow these 3 quick merchandising tips below to make your own custom Interior Design for your business, because every store layout is different and you are the one who knows your own store the best.


1. Display the Right Products at the Right Time

This is one of the best ways to attract customers to your store. Boutique Stores are very tightly-knit with the word “Fashion”. When it comes to Fashion, first impression matter the most. Make sure your merchandise is up-to-date with the current trends and all products are displayed in attractive, engaging manner in order to create a buzz and motivate customers to make a purchase.


3 Interior Design Tips to Decorate Your Boutique Store | Display Right Products at Right Time

Fashion Interior Design works done by iRetail

To keep up with current trends, it’s up to you as the shop owner to know what is the current trend and make changes at the store display. When you can, highlight your display so people will recognize that you follow the current trends and sell the products there. The easiest way to do it is by controlling the lighting in your store. Accent lighting or spotlights will highlight a product and draw a customers’ attention exactly where you want it to go. Keep these in mind and ensure your check the placement of all lights as you’re setting up a new display.

Advice from us: Don’t be Afraid to Make Regular Changes in your Display.

Make it a point to change your displays after some period of time have passed, maybe once every one or two weeks. Regular changes are important, because customers want to know what’s the new fashion trends and they usually rely on retailer’s displays to keep them in the know. Don’t forget to keep track of what products sell and what products are not. This is very important because when you displayed a product nobody want, well, nobody will come to your shop because they don’t like it.

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2. Create a Theme in the Interior Design of the Store

First off, let us tell you a story.

There is a girl who wants to buy cute accessories. On the way to the shop, she saw several shops in a row that sell same type of products: Accessories for Girls. When she approached the first store, she left that store less than a minute. She also walk past the second and third store, BUT she immediately enter the fourth one and stay for quite a long time. Why?

Simple: Because the store looks the cutest among all.

So, before you start creating interior design for your Boutique Store, you have to do one very important thing first: decide a theme for your store. Some people may think, “Why do you need a theme? It will just give you additional problem in decorating your store!” It’s wrong. Having a theme for your store is very important because without a theme, your store will look very bland and not interesting. A theme is one of the crucial things that differentiate your store with several hundred “dime-a-dozen” store around you. Like the story that we told you, when people want to buy something, they will first see which one of the store looks most interesting and put them on the top of the list.

As example, if you’re selling designed clothes and accessories and you’re targeting creative and fashionable young ladies, for an instance, industrial interior design concept suits your need best. Using raw materials to create a raw feeling such as raw cement flooring, exposed wiring or wooden decking and reuse old household things to create a rustic feeling.

3 Interior Design Tips to Decorate Your Boutique Store | Create a Theme in the Interior Design of the Store

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3. Create a “Brand” in Customers’ Mind

3 Interior Design Tips to Decorate Your Boutique Store | Create a Brand in Customer's Mind

You’ll probably wondering, “How can I create a brand when I’m just a small boutique store?” Don’t worry, what we mean isn’t the brand like “Worldwide Famous-Everybody Know Them” brand, but how to imprint your store’s name and image inside your customers’ head. This can be done by placing something unique and eye-catching inside your store. Place this symbol in a place where people will easily see it, like in the middle of the store with pedestal for example. Of course, the place varies according to the item.

Why this needs to be done? Research proves that people memorize something better using pictures rather using text. That’s why when people shop at your place and want to return again, the first thing they will remember is not your store’s name, but “The store that has … in the middle of the room”. Of course, for this to work you have to make people want to return to your place again. That’s why your item selections and services must be good also. Trust us, as long as you choose appropriate item to be a symbol, it can imprint the image of your store in your customers’ mind and even attract more customers if what you displayed is interesting enough.

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