Industrial Interior Design: Secret Revealed

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You all may know what is industrial interior design or at least have heard of it. But, here’s the catch: Do you know what are the secrets behind its’ popularity? If you know it, good. But if you don’t know, then no need to worry, this is the reason why we made this article. Now without further ado, let’s see the reason behind the popularity of industrial interior design.

Reason for Popularity

Industrial Interior Design originated from Industrial Age, where towards the end of the nineteenth century, there are an excess of warehouse from the remnant of many factories that was built in that age. The surplus of the warehouses and the limited land size makes some people turn their head to those abandoned warehouses and make it as their new home. Now though, what may have started as a necessity became a sought-after style, and many design enthusiasts now specifically seek out this “unfinished” look.

This concept is often blended with minimalism therefore you should avoid having lots of furniture or object or at least be able to hide them in good well thought out storage. The best thing about industrial interior design is that you can achieve the look on a budget. Why? Because you are particularly looking for old industrial looking objects that are made from steel, metal or wood. These items are preferably worn down or have been salvaged and recycled. In short, only minuscule amount of money is involved.

If you want to create these design for your home or business place, you must exercise caution. There is a fine line between “artistically unfinished” and “seriously unfinished”. The first one will create Industrial Interior Design, while the second one will create an abandoned warehouse. To prevent this from happening, there are a few factors that must be fulfilled.

Vintage Environment

Interior Design iRetail | Various Interior Design Idea for your Business Place

Interior Design iRetail | Industrial Interior Design : Secret Revealed

What did we feel when we enter a place that implemented Industrial Interior Design? Generally, the feeling is a bit mixed. Industrial Interior Design is not beautiful by any means, but it has its own unique charms. Industrial Interior Design make use of simple, or even worn-down furniture and accessories to decorate the house. It will make the room seems like it is unfinished and old, but strangely it won’t make the design feel out-of-place. The design simply blend-in and make people feel like it belonged there in that place.

There are several factors that make this design can exude this kind of feeling. First, the furniture. We know that industrial design involves the use of metal and wood. It is precisely these materials that combine to create a large number of industrial-style furnishings.

Second, the decor and accessories. The signature element of industrial interior design is the presence of features that people typically try and conceal, such as pipes and ducts, and made them into decor. Below are some picture example of exposed pipes and ducts in Industrial Interior Design decorations. Many are truly vintage, while others are inspired by old factory and laboratory pieces. Take for example, something like the picture below:


kitchen interior design with industrial design concept by HomeGuide Holdings.

Kitchen Interior Design with Industrial Design Concept.

When picking a color for Industrial Interior Design, it’s best if you avoid using bright color, instead, choose a neutral and warm color that doesn’t attract attention too much. For example, you can use shades and tones of grey and mix it up with white to add a crisp, clean look.

Room Conditioning

As we have said above, there is a fine line between “artistically unfinished” and “seriously unfinished”. This is the factor that can decide between those two result.

This factor composed of a few points.

Walls. Should you be fortunate to have walls in your house that are unfinished or old, that is a bonus that can add to your industrial style. For full effect you could even try to make them look even more worn by using paintings or some other things. Painted walls work best with a mix of large pieces of canvas art hanging. But one thing you have to consider about this point is that even if your wall looks old, it must be clean. As in, not infested with mold or other sign of an abandoned building. These things are the things that make your design looks (and is) dirty and not good.

Floor. As with minimalism a great floor option is polished concrete. That is the number one choice for industrial interiors. It can be as rough and patchy as it wants to be and will still look awesome. Timber or stone flooring are also good finishes that will help you achieve the industrial look.


Decor. The one that brings softness into your space in this design is the decor, so try to find some seriously comfy sofas and big scatter cushions to work along side the ‘industrial’ type objects. Plants is recommended as it will inject life and color into any environment, so look for a few really great large leaf plants and some significant pots to house them.

As said above, Industrial Interior Design is a minimalist design. This means the decor is sparse but of good quality, so it can leave large amount of space but still look charming. That is why, you have to look for quality decorations to put in your design.

One thing you must take note when putting your decoration, is that make it orderly, so the rest of the space will feel very big but comfortable. Do not make too much of a mess or clutters because this can make your room no different than a warehouse.


Industrial Interior Design: Summary

So, to sum it up, Industrial Interior Design is a design that has these feels:

Industrial Design – masculine, hard edges, can be cold in appearance, minimal decor.

And using these key factors to differentiate it from a random warehouse and create it into one of the most popular design:

1. Natural exposed brickwork

2. Steel structure: beams, columns

3. Concrete flooring

4. Rough timbers: wood

5. Clutter free

6. Great storage

7. Interesting furniture