Why You Should Buy Multiple Lab Coats

lady in lab coat in hallway

Lab Coats = Safety

People in the medical profession often have more than one work uniform because of the nature of their jobs. The lab coat is not any different. You are better off having multiple lab coats. 

Having more than one lab coat will benefit you in various ways. 

Reduce Wear and Tear

The lab coat is washed quite frequently. It is exposed in an environment where germs, chemicals, and fluids are common, and since it is white, the chances of it picking up dirt are high. Doctors and lab technicians are expected to wear crisp, white lab coats at all times. There is no room for wearing stained or off-white lab coats. 

When you have multiple lab coats, you will reduce the pressure on one or two lab coats. When you rotationally wear several lab coats, you reduce wear and tear. This way, you will wear the lab coats for longer. 

Backup Should You Need To Change Your Lab Coat.

Spills are common in hospitals, and especially in the lab where several chemicals and fluids are used. Unfortunately, this can happen several times a day. Since not wearing a lab coat is not an option, especially when working in the lab. Having multiple lab coats will help ensure you still have a lab coat after an accident. 

Have Lab Coats For Different Occasions

To a casual observer, one lab coat is the same as the next. They may not even notice that there is a difference in the type and quality of fabric. However, many doctors have lab coats for daily use, and special lab coats for special events, such as a conference. Such lab coats are rarely used and still appear new because they are not exposed to the same wear and tear that daily lab coats are exposed to. 

Fight Infections Effectively

Doctors take an oath to protect their patients. This includes safeguarding them against infections. Unfortunately, because of the environment in which they work and the number of patients they see, cross-contamination is possible if one is not careful. 

Having multiple lab coats gives medical professionals the flexibility to change as often as they need to in a bid to protect their patients. 

Always Maintain A Professional Look. 

Unlike some professionals, where a loosened tie will hardly affect the person’s credibility, a doctor is expected to look the part every hour he is on duty. The patient who arrives at the end of his 16-hour shift should find the doctor looking sharp in his lab coat. Having multiple lab coats helps you to maintain the look expected of medical professionals at all times. 

Final Notes

Multiple lab coats are not just essential, but they are also convenient. You will even make a saving in the long run since you will use your lab coats for longer. You will also be saved from asking other doctors if they have an extra lab coat should yours get stained during your shift. 

Lab coat producers keep improving on the quality of the fabric of the lab coat. When you keep adding on your collection of lab coats, you can take advantage of the new lab coats in the market. Nowadays, you can customize your lab coat too!